Monday, 24 September 2012

Daily Grind Art Show: Month of October + beyond

This is the best birthday present ever!

I'm celebrating my 27th birthday at the start of October and my great friend Meeha had a brilliant idea. She arranged an art exhibition on my behalf at the Daily Grind Art Cafe at 601 Somerset Street (at Percy)! There are 19 of my paintings on the second floor of the cafe. We just went tonight to check it out, they look fantastic.  They will be on display for the month of October,  and continue until they need the space or the work sells.

Posted on their website:

Before starting The Daily Grind, we made our living as artists.
We love art - creation - originality - things never before seen or heard.​
We like to see that happen, and we want to foster it in as many ways as we can.
We also like to learn from others who have knowledge to share.​​
That's why we have the 2nd floor.
Upstairs at The Daily Grind we have:

1. Workshops and Classes

2. A Photo Darkroom (coming soon)​

3. A private meeting room / creative space for groups

They have an amazing menu, serve a variety of drinks (including alcoholic ones!), and have some cool parties on their event page. They are open til 10pm or midnight every night! Feel free to wander upstairs and check it out. For more info check out their website. 

Hope you can drop by and check out this cool new coffee shop!

Thanks a million to Meeha, this is the best gift I ever could have received :)